CloudGenee Connect To Microsoft Azure

To connect Azure, please collect the following details from your current Azure subscription.

  1. Subscription id
  2. Application (Client) id
  3. Directory (Tenant) id
  4. Client secret
  1. Getting Subscription Id.
    1. Login to your existing Azure portal
    2. Navigate to page Subscriptions
    3. Select the Subscription ID that you are using. Eg: z1ff6696-99dc-9999-z7dd-z95280999z8d as shown in the picture below.

  2. Getting Application (client) id and Directory (tenant) id
    1. Register “Cloudgenee” as a new App within App registrations page.

    2. Once registration is complete, Click on Cloudgenee app name and fetch the “Application (client) id” and “Directory (tenant) id”.

  3. Getting Client Secret.
    1. Click on the App name from the App registrations page
    2. Click on “Certificates & secrets” from the left menu
    3. Click on New client secret
    4. Add Description “CGSecret”, with expiry as “Never”
    5. Once created copy the Value. This is the Client secret

  4. Providing access role.
    1. Navigate to subscriptions page
    2. Choose the subscription
    3. Click on Access control (IAM)
    4. Click on “Add” to Add a new role assignment
    5. Choose the role as Contributor in the dropdown
    6. Choose Assign access to as “Azure AD user, group or service principal”
    7. Type your app name “Cloudgenee”
    8. Save the changes